Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday

Hi! On Halloween it was my cousins birthday. She was turning 9. I used the cart. "Birthday Bash" Every thing on the front is cut at 3 inches. In the middle of cutting the size for the card it self I messed up on the sizing so it is an awkward sized card.

This is some of the materials that I used

This is the card all done and COMPLETE 

This is the front and inside of the card.
Inside with dark green sparkle pen.

Thanks for reading  I hoped you liked it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthday Party Decorations!!!!

Hi everyone! Today I am going to show you how I made streamers ruffly and how I made dots on a string.

So for the ruffly streamers I took two different colored streamers and over lapped them just a little bit then just used a straight stitch with high tension and sewed away. You don't need to pull on of the strings they just ruffle on their own.
The site that I got this from was Gabriel's Good Tidings. blogspot,com

This is when they were all hung up

Down below is the dots on strings. For this we cut out 1" and 2"  circles. We did light pink, pink, light purple, and purple.
I sewed them together at all different lengths. This too was a strait stitch.
We had them on one long string then cut them to what length we wanted them to be. 

                                     Thanks for reading! Hope to have you look at more of my posts!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Smores cookies

Hi! This is my 1st post ever on my very own site. I have done a few on my moms blog but I got my own now and am super excited about it.

 Recently I made Smores cookies.  I used the recipe here:

My mom gave me a list of web sites that had recipes on it it was a hard chose but I chose the cookies. I told my sister and she got so excited (she loves smores and cookies so she loved that)

The picture above it just the cookie batter baking (yes they are a lot bigger than normal cookies)

In this picture I am cutting big marsh mellows in half. Once the cookies are done baking I had to VERY QUICKLY place half a marsh mellow on top of the cookies. There is not a picture but then you bake for 2 min again then quickly put on 2 Hershey's rectangles. We did not do it but the recipes says to smear it around so the marsh mellow looks hidden.

Thanks for visiting and hope to have you visit in future posts. I hope you liked my first post. Thank you!

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