Thursday, July 17, 2014

It is YOURS!

When I make a card I like to make sure people know I made it! Here are my tips on making that happen. 

1-If you want to make your name known, than having family and friends use your cards instead of buying them are a great way to start!

2-Have a way for them to know (i.e. a stamp, a punch, or a tag) Mine is a below

3-Don't forget to put your "thing" on! There is not a point in doing this if you forget! (I know from experience!)

Here is my tag:

How I made mine:
Above: I used punches that I had around
Above: Glued them together
Above: I place mine on the back of the card. 
Above: To add my own touch I write 'Made with <3 by Sadie ______"

I recommend doing this! My Mom does this also!

XOXO till next time

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Baby Boy!

Hey guys!
So just recently my mom had a new baby! And it was a BOY! How exciting! Now there are two boys and three girls in our family. B-u-t if you count pets there are two boys and five girls! So those boys will be out numbered forever in less we get a boy pet😜 I feel my brother is still very young so I feel that maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to post pictures or his name just quite yet. But maybe in the future I will post pictures! If you have any questions about him (please don't make them too personal) just comment and I'll try to get back to you!

XOXO till next time,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cookies for Uncle Sock!

So... I haven't blogged in a V-E-R-Y lone time. I have just been busy with, well.... Life. So today I'm gonna share about "cookies for uncle Sock!" 

When I was very little I couldn't say "Uncle Scott" so I called my uncle "Uncle Sock"! Hence the title "Cookies for Uncle Sock!" This year for Christmas we got him a present and a treat from ME when he wants it! Tomorrow we are having a Frozen party at his house so I made cookies! I think you should try them too! 

Above: the dough for these cookies. It doesn't stick together like regular cookie dough, but it still works just fine😉

Above: I took the 1/3 cup and patted the dough in get the shape I needed!
Above: these are the cookies while baking in the oven.
Above: cookies just out of the oven! 

My ultimate taste tester is my step dad Joe, he said that they were good, but the name was false they weren't very chewy. (At all) But that's OKAY! 

Thank you for reading, down below I will leave the address for the COOKIES!!!

XOXO till next time,