Thursday, July 17, 2014

It is YOURS!

When I make a card I like to make sure people know I made it! Here are my tips on making that happen. 

1-If you want to make your name known, than having family and friends use your cards instead of buying them are a great way to start!

2-Have a way for them to know (i.e. a stamp, a punch, or a tag) Mine is a below

3-Don't forget to put your "thing" on! There is not a point in doing this if you forget! (I know from experience!)

Here is my tag:

How I made mine:
Above: I used punches that I had around
Above: Glued them together
Above: I place mine on the back of the card. 
Above: To add my own touch I write 'Made with <3 by Sadie ______"

I recommend doing this! My Mom does this also!

XOXO till next time

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