Sunday, September 30, 2012

Smores cookies

Hi! This is my 1st post ever on my very own site. I have done a few on my moms blog but I got my own now and am super excited about it.

 Recently I made Smores cookies.  I used the recipe here:

My mom gave me a list of web sites that had recipes on it it was a hard chose but I chose the cookies. I told my sister and she got so excited (she loves smores and cookies so she loved that)

The picture above it just the cookie batter baking (yes they are a lot bigger than normal cookies)

In this picture I am cutting big marsh mellows in half. Once the cookies are done baking I had to VERY QUICKLY place half a marsh mellow on top of the cookies. There is not a picture but then you bake for 2 min again then quickly put on 2 Hershey's rectangles. We did not do it but the recipes says to smear it around so the marsh mellow looks hidden.

Thanks for visiting and hope to have you visit in future posts. I hope you liked my first post. Thank you!

(Mom uploaded to Skip to my Lou)